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How people from other countries laugh online

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Did you know that not all people use the same letters to express laughter on the Internet?

The infographic below shows some of the ways to laugh online in different languages. Check it out:

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Even if you don’t speak a foreign language, at least now you know how to laugh in many languages jajaja 555 xaxa! Feel free to leave a comment with other ways to laugh on the web!

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About the Author: Juliana Selem é globalista por formação (UCLA) e viajante por opção. Brasileira, casada com um argentino, ela vive nos Estados Unidos há 6 anos. Já morou em 5 países e ama se inserir em diferentes culturas até se sentir como uma residente local. Para saber mais sobre a Juliana, clique aqui. Conecte-se com ela no Twitter, G+, Instagram ou Facebook. .


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  1. brasil-BR says:

    Now there’s “huehuehue” for brazilian portuguese

  2. Erandur of Dawnstar says:

    Maybe you don’t know, but you got it
    These ARE bizarre loughts.
    HUEHUEHUE are used by “internet trolls”… they use when they “fucked up” someone in some way. Well, some use to show how someone are being stupid, but this come after. For exemple:
    Bred gives an opinion. John thinks it is a stupid opinion… John says “I’m Bred HUEHUEHUE”.. this exemple is quite idiot, but i tink you get the idea.

    “PAOSKPAKSAOPKSOAKS” I saw “SAUHSAUHSAHUASUHSAUH” to much few times to understand if there is an expecial meaning … almost nobody uses… and for me they are bizarre too… for exemple the second would sound something like “shoowa-shoowa-shoowa-shoowa-shoowa” (in english), for me it doenst make sense.

    Also there is anoter, the “Evil lought” (like an cliche villain lought)

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