United States – Much More than a Shopping Destination

Some of you may know that I’m currently on a long road trip across the United States. I’m still midway into my trip, but I’ve seen enough to say out loud that this country is so much more than many might think.

I’m writing this post because I know too many people who come here with the main purpose of shopping. Brazilians, in particular, fill the streets of Miami and New York year after year, frenetically looking for the best shopping deals and often forgetting to truly experience this country.

I believe it’s time for visitors to not only experience the U.S. beyond shopping, but also to diversify their trips to America by going to off-the-beaten-path destinations. For this reason, I aim to write posts about several not well-known (at least to foreigners) American cities from time to time.

Meanwhile, I’d like you to get a sneak peak at what I mean by the title of this post by watching the video below. This beautiful 3-minute video combines 5,000 photos of a 2-week road trip taken by a couple from Seattle. They travelled 3,000 miles, from San Francisco to New York City, capturing stunning American landscapes with a camera. Check it out:

What did you think? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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